Non-Surgical Gum Therapy | Akron, Cleveland and Macedonia

Gum diseases progress imperceptibly to most patients, who may not even notice any symptoms! If left unattended-to, gum disease can progress into much more degenerative problems and can cause a person to lose a tooth. Gum disease can even spring up on patients who floss and brush their teeth on a regular basis - a very convincing reason to regularly schedule dental check-ups.

Gum Disease Treatments | Dental Practice in Macedonia, and we love to treat clients from Cleveland and Akron.

Our highly qualified staff at Dr. Marko Farian and associates will collude with you in order to determine your optimal procedure. Depending on the extent of the gum condition, more extreme treatments may become necessary in order to repair the damaged tooth underneath the gum line and to remove excess plaque. Dr. Marko Farian & Associates may prescribe or administer specialized medicines to the site of the infection. Further treatment may also be required, such as curettage and root-planing.

Curettage consists of a dentist extracting infected tissue from around the base of your tooth, thus evacuating the source of bacterial infections letting proper healing to occur.

Root-planing is a more in-depth gum disease management tactic that essentially removes and smoothes tiny sections of the tooth’s root surface. Upon completion, this form of therapy enables patients to gain from the benefits of having a new tooth with a hygienic, bacteria-free exterior that enables healing of the neighbouring soft tissue.

Curettage and root-planning are often carried-through synchronously under local anesthesia, which tends to be a good suggestion in terms of reducing patient's discomfort and anxiety. 

In extreme cases where gum disease affecting your oral health below the gum line, Dr. Farian may refer you to a periodontist (gum disease-related) for surgery.

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